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The children who need love the most, will always ask for it in the most unloving ways”― Dr Russell Barkley

Welcome to the thinkfree. ADHD clinic.  Even though ADHD has been researched for more than 100 years, an incredible amount of misinformation still exists. Misinformation results in stigma, perpetuating a cycle of frustration and failure for those with ADHD and the people that support them (e.g. parents, teachers and loved ones).  


Our clinic offers up-to-date, neuroscience informed psychological services for ADHD for children, teens, adults, schools and organisations. We aim to help everyone have a deeper understanding of what ADHD really is and know that each ADHD brain is wired uniquely.  


The science of supporting ADHD is no longer the same. Whether you have ADHD or are the parent of someone with ADHD, we’re here to help. 

  • Comprehensive ADHD assessment
  • ADHD therapy services (i.e. ADHD treatment)
  • Diagnostic/Assessment reports
  • Parent training in ADHD support
  • School support plans and reports (e.g. primary, high, HSC)
  • ADHD parent coaching sessions
  • ADHD consultation services (e.g. schools, organisations)

We also run a range of specialised ADHD workshops for:

  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Health Professionals
  • Organisations

Note: Services are provided in-person and online

We provide strengths-based, neuroscience informed, holistic psychology services.


We believe our approach strikes a balance between identifying difficulties to support AND highlighting strengths to build upon. We acknowledge that every child is unique and rely heavily on parent input to guide our work. 


We advocate for the concept of neurodiversity. Simply put, neurodiversity suggests that every person’s brain is unique, much like our fingerprints on the tips of our fingers. Just because we cannot ‘see’ these brain differences, it does not mean that they’re not there. These differences affect how we learn, think, behave and manage our emotions.


We help those with each child with ADHD to understand their unique brain’s gifts and struggles. We also know that ADHD is only part of a child’s narrative, it’s not the whole story. 

  • We do not over-pathologise the differences in ADHD brains, but we do not ignore them. 
  • We know that people with ADHD get the best outcome when the correct diagnosis is identified and supported with evidence-based strategies. 
  • We work with the WHOLE system (child, parents, schools, organisations)
  • We aim for parents to ‘enjoy the ride’ of parenting again
  • We understand the importance of EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS and how they relate to ADHD
  • We provide PRACTICAL, RESEARCH-BASED STRATEGIES that can help to accommodate for executive functioning issues
  • We understand that each ADHD journey is unique to every person so our individualised supports reflect this. 
  • We look beyond the diagnosis and ‘see’ the whole child, person and family. 
  • We are committed to developing the research that identifies some of the unique strengths of ADHD such as: Creativity, Energy, Resilience, Imagination, Humour, Curiosity and Bravery (Sedgwick et al., 2019)

1. To make the lives of those with ADHD better (and of those that support them) 

2. Help people (big and small) move beyond limitations

3. To train every educator in the country in how to better support those with ADHD

4. To advocate a model of neurodiversity and acceptance of those with neurodivergent minds

5. To increase understanding in the way ADHD is understood in the community (i.e. reduce stigma)

6. Innovate and change the social systems to better support those with ADHD

7. To provide services that support people with ADHD flourish in their lives

Our clinic is led by our head psychologist and founder, Alex Latouche.


Alex is the first person in the world to create and empirically evaluate an ADHD training program for teachers in Australia.


His training program resulted in the largest increase in ADHD knowledge in published research internationally, that has explored training type for educators. 


Alex gets ADHD. He’s lived it and has parented it, and he’s dedicated his life to transforming the way ADHD is understood and supported at home, school and in the larger community. 


Read more about his research here

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Where do I start?


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